26 June 2020

The last three months have been quite a challenge for our MyPrint team, our implemented clients and new ones that we are finishing implementing.

While companies were forced to slow down due to the lock down, our efforts and expenditures – despite or thanks to remote work – have been doubled. At each step, together with our customers, we find out how useful an efficient and tailored management system is.

Managers who are “stuck” in their homes want to continue to work effectively, because they care about the good functioning of the company. MyPrint allows them to be managed virtually anywhere. From ordering products and materials, calculating production costs from A to Z, shipping management, own transport or courier … You can say simply, through one system and without having to use different pages.

Additionally, from the commencement of typical remote work, all functionalities are constantly tested and improved by us. Working in the system is not only to be easy and pleasant, but also to meet the needs of proper management of production processes.

By consulting our clients’ employees, we teach them solutions that work in most cases. During such joint sessions, we consider and analyze new proposals that arise during implementation and test work. We carefully analyze each possibility and if the solution brings new value to the system, we immediately introduce it.

It can be said that this extremely intense time has resulted in many ideas and solutions for the entire MyPrint system.

Roksana Radzicka