3 July 2020

Although it is difficult to find any positive sides in the whole situation, in the case of remote work, the pandemic has significantly “promoted” this form in Poland.

It can be said that in many situations it forced us to switch to remote mode, to a greater extent than before the restrictions. I will not hide that this mode is considered by our team as a factor influencing job satisfaction. And our bosses are ultra-modern managers.

So, is the problem of many employers not in theirselves? Maybe the limitations before going beyond the scheme, or the lack of faith in self-discipline and team responsibility in home office conditions mean that only now on a mass scale we notice a number of possibilities of this mode of work … Fortunately, MyPrint has bosses who trust us!

And what helped me to adapt to the new – as if it were not more intensive than before the pandemic – remote work.

Here are some simple rules that have helped me in the last three months of working from home:

👉 action acc. prepared PLAN OF THE DAY and, if possible, start online meetings EARLY so that the last teleconference ends during the client’s work, i.e. from 07:00 – 15:00,

👉 more frequent and shorter conferences with clients work best,

👉 I leave myself about 15 minutes BREAK between meetings, for moments of rest and collecting my thoughts for the next one and completing my notes,

👉 NOTES, notes and more notes! I found that I prefer the classic tabbed notebook for each client rather than the electronic notebook entries. Such school methods 😉

👉 together with other team members we are working on the COMMON CALENDAR!

👉 we do not forget about INTERNAL CONVERSATIONS with the rest of the team in order to share the topics for development and communicate progress.

Marcin Otto