19 January 2020

The MyPrint management system is characterized by a modular structure. Many elements go together and there are many common settings so that everyone can use the same data. Our clients can choose only those elements that are necessary to support the company’s operations, and the use of the MyPrint system does not limit the company’s development in any way.

The system implementation schedule is framework, and the sequence of individual activities results from the relationship between the modules and the adopted path of the business process implementation. At the beginning, we need to configure the raw materials to prepare the calculation and create a technology card. Then we launch orders and a design module (sometimes we configure projects earlier, because some customers start with the design). The first stage, from calculation to order, is completed with tests. We implement the second, or executive, part. We configure the production module, production planning, reporting up to shipment. After the tests, we move on to the third part – statistics and post-calculation, after which the BIG FINAL, i.e. the launch of the entire system.

We test the system many times by working on test servers, then we move to the production system. We control the modules on an ongoing basis in order to accept the operation and acceptance of individual functionalities. In addition, we also test integration with the systems with which we will connect.

During the implementation, we prepare the implementation team to the role of key users of individual modules. The person designated as the local administrator will also receive a separate batch of information. The trainings are mainly carried out on a “living organism”, thanks to which we configure the system immediately. Our goal is to teach our clients how to administer the system so that in the future they will be able to configure new products, tasks, machines etc. on their own. At the end of individual modules, we also instruct end users. Training sessions in the production hall are broken down into even 3 weeks to go through all shifts together. For the needs of our clients, we often create individual tutorials for selected functionalities of the MyPrint system.

We use tools such as Basecamp, Skype for Business to track and manage projects as well as communication, and recently we are looking at Microsoft Teams with curiosity.