7 January 2020

The system itself will not implement itself, which is why the implementation team is so important!

Putting the MyPrint system into service is a process that consists of several important stages. Success depends on getting through all of them correctly. Thanks to that, the implementation may allow you to achieve your overriding goal, i.e. bring the assumed business benefits. That is why at each meeting we repeat like a mantra that this is a process on both sides and the system itself will not be implemented!
The project will not be successful with the involvement of only one party, even with the best intentions. A properly selected implementation team is very important, especially the one on the client’s side. It should include key users of all areas. These are practically all operational departments of the company: Commercial (Sales, Customer Service, Sales Support), Product Development, Production, Quality, Technical, Accounting, Logistics and IT.

Key users are responsible for implementing functionalities on their sections. MyPrint is an integrated system, which means a very deep interference in the structure of the company in which it will function. Each employee works in his own sector of the system, but all of these areas are interconnected. Thanks to this, we gain a powerful tool to improve the flow of information in the company’s business processes. Each of the company’s departments should participate in the implementation in its part of the process, so sometimes additional experts in a given area are invited to meetings.

Remember that we often improve existing processes, which may mean their configuration is different than before. Sometimes this raises some objections and tensions, as ultimately the scope of responsibilities of not only individual people, or even the entire department, may change. That is why the project manager watches over the whole thing, combining the needs of individual areas, watching over the schedule and resources.

Finally, we cannot forget about the participation of the “project sponsor”, i.e. the company’s management board. The commitment of the top management only confirms how important the project is for the company’s future.