5 September 2018

More workstations based on popular “raspberries” set off into the world. This means launching production reporting with another client. This time we go to the Tolek printing house, where we implement the full MyPrint system – from calculations, quotations, raw material handling and production planning to production along with reporting at the production hall, shipments and post-calculations. Production stands with touch screens are installed at the production department, supported by Raspberry Pi3B+ minicomputers, or popular “raspberries”, along with a proximity card reader. Such a set allows production employees to report on operations in a quick and convenient manner. Raspberry computers also support GPIO connectors, to which sensors can be connected to collect data on quantities produced in real time.

The system is completed with proximity cards on a secure leash that all employees are equipped with. We want production operation records to cover not only operators but also assistant operators and other people working in the production and storage area.