2 April 2020

For several years, we have been urging companies to change the way their organizations think and operate. To use new technologies in the implementation of their production plans, to improve efficiency through the online system.

It can be said that currently forced by the situation, we have the opportunity to test it in practice. Our offices have emptied, and many companies have been forced to a more flexible approach to the management and work of people employed in the company. Some of them switched to remote work, even though, for example, they were very reluctant to do so earlier.

It turned out that with specific tools, they can do their work from anywhere. Our modular and therefore very flexible management system MyPrint.pl offers the tools you need for this. And we have the ability to closely match them to the needs of the company and employees.

Customers who have already implemented the system know how this significantly increased the efficiency of production processes. Due to the recent changes in the way of working, some have decided to integrate even more or use its wide possibilities. Other companies started to think about the implementation and send us inquiries…

Time for changes, or rather, we are already seeing a new way of doing business and the way our companies operate.