10 October 2019

I don’t need the system to know what’s going on in the company. I always ask the sales, technology, and warehouse departments about everything. After all, I can hear that machines are working! I walk among the machines, checking what they are currently producing. And so, I stay at work until 8 pm, and then I can always call and check the current situation. That’s what the telephones are for.

I don’t need the system to price out the product. I have a good calculator in Excel; we all use it, having applied our own price list for years. It is true I don’t know exactly how much I will earn with this calculation, but we are in the black at the end of the month after all, so the price list is correct. We have had weaker months recently, but this is probably a slowdown in the market and not the fault of the lack of system calculations.

I don’t need the system to control the amount of work. We are all busy, we stay until late hours, we do overtime because there is a lot of work. What it to optimize if you can see with the naked eye that everyone works efficiently. They wouldn’t do overtime on their own after all! We have a work list in Excel, we print a work plan for every machine every few hours.

I don’t need the system to control the machinery performance. I can see that they work! Sometimes we aren’t able to manage; apparently, there is so much work that we need to buy another, faster machine. Machines must be fast and work all the time, their speed is what matters most.

I don’t need the system to organize communication within the company. We have a lot of detailed paper reports to know what we were doing. It’s not true that with time, it is difficult to find them; and why to return to what has already happened, after all.

We often face such arguments during our business meetings with potential clients.

And we are even happy about it because it proves that there is still a lot of work for companies that implement MES/MIS/ERP solutions…